International Moves

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15 Years Experience

Door To Door or Door to Port Services

Over the years Bigmove Phuket have completed thousands of successful overseas moves with the help of the reliable partners in our international network of professional moving companies such as Santa Fe, Crown Relocation, Allied Relocation and other in navigating local logistics, import regulations, and customs.

Bigmove Phuket is proud to be a respected member of a moving association, comprised of thousands of moving and shipping companies in over 160 countries. So you can rest at ease, knowing your move will be handled by our international network of trusted, established professional partners from start to finish.

  • International Moves

    International Moves

  • Sea Freight

    Sea Freight

  • Air Fright

    Air Freight

  • Custom Clearanc

    Custom Clearance

Our international services include:

  • International residential relocation
  • International executive relocation
  • International corporate relocation
  • International shipping
  • Inbound relocation
International Insurance

international insurance at a competitive rates for your special items

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International Moves

International Moves

Qualified team of packers and supervisor with over 20 years of experience

Inbound or Outbound International Movers

Our international residential moving process is similar to long distance removal at the beginning. Starting with us paring you with our moving experts to coordinate with you a survey to form an inventory list of your goods and make a comprehensive quote based on the detail of your moving and recommend the most efficient method to ship your goods.

We understand that it’s not just your goods we are moving but also your life. With Bigmove Phuket’s motto being, “treat the customers belongings like they are our own” our professional packing crew will properly protect your goods for international shipping, they’re trained on various techniques in protecting furniture and are able to spot areas that need attention, such as weak spot that may need to be disassemble or reinforced.

Big Move Phuket’s team will pay great attention to delicate item such as glass, kitchenware, decorations, antiques, and electronic appliances to ensure that your household or commercial goods arrive safe. You will be able to have peace of mind when you choose Bigmove Phuket.

Sea Freight

Door to Door or Door to port Services

International Freight by Sea

As part of Bigmove Phuket’s services we offer different ways to ship your belongings. With Sea Freight you have the option of Bigmove Phuket providing:

  • A) Door To Door Service :

    Bigmove Phuket provides a complete relocation package where we handle the entire moving process and work with our established partners around the world so that your belongings will reach you at your new destination.

  • B) Door to Port Service

    If you already have an arrangement with a shipping company at your destination you may choose for Bigmove Phuket flexible option of our Door to Port service. With Door to Port service, when goods arrive at the destination port. You can choose to use your own shipping company to receive their goods.

Sea Freight

Cost Of International Sea Freight

Shipping by sea is charge by volumes;
The universal unit use is Cubic Meter (CBM). Based on how much volume you have our moving experts will recommend the most efficient and cost effective way to ship your goods.

We offer varieties of shipping method such as 40ft. containers and 20ft. containers, plus we can bring a container directly to your house in Phuket from the main port in Bangkok so you can be the one to lock the container yourself.

DIMENSION – CUBIC METERS Sea freight pricing is based on the volume of goods which is calculated by cubic meters. It’s quite difficult to estimate this if you’re not used to doing it on a daily basis.  Our medium box size 40x40x40 cms 8 boxes = 1 CBM or Big box size 57x57x57 cms 3 Boxes = 1 CBM .

The shape of the crate does not have to be 1 meter by 1 meter by 1 meter it can be any size it is only the volume that is calculated. And we can design the packaging for your items.

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Share a Container
If you have a smaller volume of goods we can consolidate with other customer goods going to the same countries to help minimize costs, optimize transit times and and ship it as Less Container Load (LCL).

All LCL shipments are sent in wooden crate to add extra layer of protection and keep your goods in one place. We crate your goods here in Phuket facility, to make sure that everything we received from you will be received in the same condition. All crates are properly fumigated based on each countries specification to meet your destination country import code.

FCL (FULL CONTAINER LOAD) Is to load a full container of goods with only one exporter. ( Private container)

The advantages of FCL:  Can clear the goods through customs faster than LCL. Because there is no need to wait for the LCL opening time.

LCL (LESS-THAN-CONTAINER LOAD)  Is shared container transportation Which will have several owners of goods together in a container

LCL advantage:  Save transportation costs. When transporting small quantities or it's a product that takes up little space. Because there is no need to pay the full container But will pay the freight mainly through Dimension.

When you leave sea freight relocation to Bigmove Phuket Co., Ltd, you know you’re in good hands. Our extensive experience and close relationship with the customs department and our associative agents around the world you will be able to have a safe fast efficient move.

Typical Items Shipped are Household Goods and Personal Effects, Vehicles, Art and Antiques, Electronics, Trade Show Equipment and General Commodities.



  Length Width Height Door Width Door Height Capacity Max Cargo
Standard 20′ 5.900m 2.350m 2.393m 2.342m 2.280m 33.2m3 21770 Kgs
Standard 40′ 12.036m 2.350m 2.392m 2.340m 2.280m 67.7m3 26780 Kgs

Containers come in a wide variety of formats, depending on what you need to ship. The majority of sea cargo is transported in either TEU (twenty-foot equivalent unit) or FEU (forty-foot equivalent unit) containers. By far the most common container used for personal moves are the standard 20 foot & 40 foot fully enclosed containers  

Air Freight

Air Freight

There’s no faster way to move – ideal for small lightweight items.

International Air Freight

Moving some items by air freight is the ideal solution for those items you will require immediately at destination (it takes approximately 5-7 days for a full door-to-door service), allowing the remainder of your items to be sent by traditional shipping methods.

Airlines charge on weight basis calculated from either the actual weight of the shipment, or a minimum weight calculated on a set weight to volume scale (volume weight.) Moving by airfreight is ideal if you have a low volume or lightweight shipment, with items that are important to your daily life and are needed pretty much as soon as you arrive at your destination.

Our professional packers will secure your belongings on a pallet or fabricate a wooden crate for fragile items, before shipment. After the shipment leaves, you will be given the Airway Bill used to receive goods at other end as well as tracking your shipment.

Arrange Shipping by Air

Inbound Moving & Shipping

Make sure you’ve the right documents and paperwork

Customs and Clearance

We have our own custom clearance department in Bangkok who are experts in the import procedure and cooperate closely with custom officials to ensure a fast and hassle-free transit during the clearance process.

Bigmove Phuket can assist on importation of both personal and commercial items and once we are notified of your consignment we assign a moving coordinator to be your single point of contact.

Bigmove Phuket can assist on importation of both personal and commercial items and once we are notified of your consignment we assign a moving coordinator to be your single point of contact.

  • We introduce ourselves and welcome you to your new home.
  • Advise you in advance of any additional paperwork that may be required to clear customs before the shipment arrives in Phuket.
  • Keep you notified of any schedule changes.
  • Work with customs to arrange a swift clearance.
  • Arrange for shipment to be pickup at the Seaport or Airport, and arrange for delivery, unloading, unpacking, set up, and removal of each item per your instructions.
  • We are available for you to contact to address any concerns you may have.

Having the right equipment for the job makes all the difference, from packing to lifting, transporting and storing. Your most precious and valuable items are safe with BigMove Phuket.

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