Packing Supplies

Move Your Staff, Office or Entire Business

When it comes to moving it is important to have the right materials. Big Move Phuket offers professional packing materials from boxes to bubble wrap.

Make sure your belongings arrive safe at your new location and purchase the proper materials you will need. We also will be glad to make recommendations for you. Give us the information about your move what your items are, and Big Move Phuket will make recommendations for you.

You can use our packing products even if you decide not to use our moving services. We want you to have a safe stress-free move and will help in any way we can. We also do this at very affordable prices.

Affordable Professional Grade Materials:
Pack as much or as little as you need. With Big Move Phuket, be assured our skills packers will handle the rest with the best practice and standard.

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Packing Boxes

Packaging Materials

Small Boxes

Size: 30 x 30 x 43 cms

Suitable for packing heavy or fragile items such as Books, glassware, CDs, DVDs ,and decor.

Price: 100 Baht

Packaging Materials

Medium Sized Boxes

Size: 40 x 40 x 40 cms

Suitable for packing general items.

Price: 150 Baht

Packaging Materials

Large Size Boxes

Size: 57 x 57 x 57 cms

Ideal for larger and light items such as clothing, linen, pillows, sheets, and towels.

Price: 200 Baht

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Packing Accessories

Packaging Materials

Packing Tape

Specialize for moving. Strong adhesives make them great for sealing boxes.

Price: 40 Baht/roll

Packaging Materials

Clear Shrink Wrap

Great for wrapping around items to protect from dust or keep things together during transit.

Price: N/A Baht

Packaging Materials

Bubble Wrap

Size: 1.30 x 100 meter

Great for packing your valuable and fragile items to keep them safe during storage and transit.

Price: 1,600 Baht per roll


For delivery service, please contact us.