Phuket Storage

Monthly or Long Term Storage

Bigmove Phuket storage facilities are specially designed to store your goods safely and securely in a weatherproof environment. Equipped with security measures from having the location guarded and monitored by CCTV. Our storage is well maintained, we routinely checked daily for infestation, leaks, and building structure to ensure safe storage for all your belongings.

Storage That Suits You

Flexibility with storage option such as private rooms, storage units, cage units or shared space. Pay only for what you need. Storage sizes are adjustable during your rental period (subject to availability).

Big Move Phuket Storage can offer a complete one-stop service as moving company such as packing service, pick up, store, deliver, unpack, and set up a new location.

  • Long Term Storage (years)
  • Short Term (days/weeks)
  • Household Items
  • Commercial Equipment
  • Vehicles Storage

Your Storage Quotation

Head Office Storage Facility

Secure, Convenient, Affordable & Flexible

Secure, State-Of-The-Art Storage Facility

With over 1,000 square meter of storage space, Bigmove Phuket main storage facility in Chalong is specially designed for storage purpose absolute protection from environment and good air circulation with no moisture built up equipped with fire protection, theft alarm, 24/7 CCTV with Guard. The entrance to the storage is wide enough for 2 six-wheel trucks to park in front of the facility. Its high roof enable for truck to load and unload while being shelter from wind and rain.

Free Storage Quote

At our main office, we offer 2 selection of storage.

  • An affordable 22 cages storage with security lock and surveillance by CCTV. The storage units are located next to our main office because of this it’s in constant supervision by our office staffs. Each cage measure at 1.27 meter x 1.26 meter and can fit 1.5 CBM preferable for luggage or small quantities of goods to be store both short term and long term.
  • We also offer 8 private storage rooms with A/C and non-A/C. Exclusive room great for privacy. Each room can fit up to 20-25 CBM. The entrance to the storage is behind our main office so every visitor will have to past our main office before entering, this ensure great security measure. Each room is locked with each unique key and is checked every morning by our staff.
2nd Dedicated Storage Facility

Private Units, Climate Control Rooms & Open Space Storage

Storage Flexability - pay for space used!

Security is our top priority so to prevent your goods from being mix with other clients while sharing in open space storage. We will make a number inventory list and label your name on every item you store with us. We have 100% perfect record of preventing loss of items. We offer 3 options of Storage:

  • 19 Private storage units with dimension of 2.30 x 3.50 m with height of 3m. Great for privacy & security as each unit is exclusive to you and not mix with other clients.
  • A/C climate control room with dimension of 4.10 x 4.40 m with height of 3 meter. Big space capacity for up to 45-50 CBM. Suitable for sensitive items such as oil paintings, clothes, bedding and fabric materials.
  • Open space storage. Not all customer needs are the same so to offer greatest flexibility to our customer, open space let you adjust your space according to what you only need.


You can book for larger space at first but can decide to downgrade your space at later time and vise verse.

This offer more advantage than the fixed locker units for example, if your one particular item are too long to fit in the unit than you will have to be force in renting a bigger unit just to fit this particular item while you loss money to those empty space that you don’t use. We will only charge for the space take your actually use.